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Junior Partner

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Adil Alzain is an esteemed lawyer with a diversified and accomplished work history. An LLB graduate from the University of Khartoum, Adil has worked as a freelance lawyer and outsourced legal advisor to several leading companies such as Elbarbary Group and The French Institute in Sudan. Additionally, Mr. Alzain has been an in-house lawyer for a group of companies in Sudan and South Sudan and an associate at other leading law firms. His skills include but are not limited to the legal advisory, providing excellent risk management, statutory compliance, litigation, real estate matters, negotiation, arbitration, and legal translation. Adil also retains a heightened sense of social responsibility channeled through his work in compliance and anti-bribery workshops, youth training organizations, and social initiatives such as Kilo Dageeg. In 2020, Mr. Alzain teamed up with Mutaz Aljaaly and joined the firm as a junior partner becoming a valued asset to the team.

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