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Mutaz Aljaaly

Founder and Managing Partner

E: mutaz@aljaalylawfirm.com

Tel: +2499 122 60629

Founder of Mutaz Aljaaly Law Firm, Mr. Mutaz Aljaaly provides high-quality legal services rooted in his extensive expertise in the fields of law practice and management. A holder of a LL. B. degree, and LL. M. (Master of Business Law), Mutaz’s professional philosophy centers on adding value to his clients, be it through advisory, trial, or mediation services.

Prior to establishing his own Law Firm, he gained a reputable name in the areas of commercial, contract, corporate, insurance, bank, and penal laws; made easier by his proficiency in both the English and Arabic languages.
Commended by clients and colleagues alike, Mutaz’s hands-on approach, negotiation skills, and vast knowledge have positioned him as a leading lawyer in Sudan today.

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